SHANKA - Who are we?

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SHANKA - Who are we?

Post  Ako on Tue Oct 07, 2008 8:16 am

SHANKA is a Warhammer Online guild that was formed shortly before the release of the game in September 2008. All of the founding members are rl friends (or friends of friends) from Hull, England and most of us have a lot of mmo experience (UO, DAoC, SWG, CoH, DDO, Vanguard, LotRO, AoC to name a few). We now boast new members from as far afield as Wakefiled and Iceland, welcome in guys! Smile

Our aim in Warhammer is to have a laugh and to run as small tight groups causing the enemy to hate us once we are all upto tier 4. We currently have people in all 4 tiers and most of the time have groups running in each tier. We have very lively Ventrilo, but due to this our ingame guild chat channel is pretty quiet. Once everyone is upto 40 I'll be chasing them with a stick to get on Vent!

Why SHANKA? We had a little vote before launch on what guildname to use, Shank or be Shanked won but we decided it was too long to have over our heads so it got shortened to SHANKA when the guild was formed on 15th Spetember.
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